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The New York Islanders rose to fame in the 1980’s. With the franchise only being created in 1972 the team (unlike many other new franchises) found success very early on. From their 3rd season onward, the Islanders made the playoffs 14 consecutive times. They peaked and dominated in the 80’s, a true powerhouse in the NHL. Their dynasty is cemented in record books and history by winning 4 Stanley Cups in a row from 1980-1983. With BookSeats.com Islanders fans can travel to see the team play at any location throughout the league, in New York or on the road. With the ability to customize flight dates, hotel location and select game tickets based on budgets, setting up the ultimate Islanders sports trip has never been easier.

New York Islanders FAQ

What arena do New York Islanders play in?

The “home” arena for the New York Islanders over the last few seasons has been a bit of a touchy subject, they play the majority of their games at The Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum but also split a smaller portion at the Barclays Center. The venues are 50 minutes apart which not only doesn’t give players and fans a concrete home but also could play a huge roll in game-attendance-planning. Fortunately, the state of the art Belmont Park Arena located in Elmont, New York is expected to be completed in 2021-2022, making the current citation a small price to pay!

What is the capacity of the Belmont Park Arena?

Once competed, Belmont Park Arena will be able to hold up to 17,113 Isles fans.

Where should I stay when visiting New York for an Islanders’ game?

This is a very subjective question, it really comes down to the purpose of your trip. If you’re visiting family or in town for business and just want to catch a game close by then staying in Long Island is your best bet. A 52 minute drive from JFK International Airport goes by quickly with all the scenery that can be taken in. On the other hand,, if you’re planning a lengthy trip or vacation to New York and want to squeeze in an islanders game we recommend you stay in downtown Manhattan. This would allow fans to experience the best of both worlds (tourism + sports); taking-in everything one of the largest cities in the world has to offer while also being able to support the Islanders!

When did the New York Islanders join the NHL?

The Islanders inaugural season was in 1972. The strategy behind the franchise was that the NHL wanted to deter the rival league (the WHA) from creating a team to play out of the Nassau Memorial Coliseum.

New York Islanders Travel Package Information

Custom New York Islanders Trips Made Easy

Booking a trip to see the New York Islanders has never been simpler or more affordable.

Why Use BookSeats.com?

Everybody has a favourite team, but not everyone is fortunate enough to reside in that team's home town. If that's the case for you, finding a way to see New York Islanders live will make you to travel, or worse, to wait for them to play a game close to you.

Traveling to see a New York Islanders game requires booking transportation, booking accommodations, and of course it means you to get your hands on game tickets so you can see the game up close. Arranging all these details can be a huge burden, especially if you're in a group.

Luckily, traveling to see a New York Islanders away game has never been easier or more affordable. We take care of the logistics so you don't have to! At BookSeats.com, our objective is on making sure you appreciate the game and have a amazing trip!

BookSeats.com Takes Care of the Details

Whether you're travelling solo, with a friend, or in a group, getting up close and personal with your favourite sports team is easy with BookSeats.com. We not only remove the frustration out of arranging hotel accommodations, flights and game tickets, we can combine all three into amazing custom packages that will save you time, money and effort.

After all, who wants to fret about coordinating all the complicated details when we can do it for you? BookSeats.com even provides fans with the exact distance between your hotel and the stadium and displays Uber rates so you and your friends can assure all factors of your New York Islanders custom sports trip.

Watch New York Islanders at Any Arena

BookSeats.com has New York Islanders travel packages for both home and away games, so you can view your team play in their own building or the road. No matter what city your team visits, BookSeats.com can get you there without the hassle.

Sometimes the best part about watching the New York Islanders road games is combining it with a visit to a city you've always wanted to explore. With BookSeats.com, you can customize your travel packages any way you prefer. Our priority is to help you enjoy the game, and also what comes after! You're able to customize your New York Islanders trip so that the hotel is in the exact neighborhood you want to be in. Want to be close to the airport? No problem. Downtown, near the energy and nightlife? We can do that.

In fact, we can get you tickets to see the New York Islanders play anywhere in the world - even if it's sold out!

With hotel accommodations, flights and event tickets packaged under one roof, we'll assist you organize your perfect New York Islanders travel trip, generating memories that will last a lifetime.

BookSeats.com Saves You Money

Sure, BookSeats.com can organize custom packages that save you time selecting the hotels, airfare or simply the tickets. And yes, because of our partnerships with key industry players, we can help to get you tickets to watch the game even if it's sold out. But one of the best gain of working with BookSeats.com is that we also save you money.

We work with lots of airlines and hotels to ensure you get the finest rates for your custom flight, hotel and New York Islanders tickets, all in one place.

Look through the New York Islanders schedule, find the game that appeals to you, and start to build your ideal New York Islanders package right away!

See New York Islanders Anywhere

Want to travel to New York to see a game? How about watching the New York Islanders in Nashville? BookSeats.com can get you New York Islanders tickets anywhere. Home or away, we've got travel packages to cover any client.

Not only should you travel to see New York Islanders in the cities stated below, we highly recommend extending your trip to enjoy the fantastic cuisine, culture and history of a new city as well.

  • New York Islanders in Buffalo, New York
  • New York Islanders in Detroit, Michigan
  • New York Islanders in Sunrise, Florida
  • New York Islanders in Montreal, Quebec
  • New York Islanders in Ottawa, Ontario
  • New York Islanders in Tampa, Florida
  • New York Islanders in Toronto, Ontario
  • New York Islanders in Raleigh, North Carolina
  • New York Islanders in Columbus, Ohio
  • New York Islanders in Newark, New Jersey
  • New York Islanders in New York, New York
  • New York Islanders in Uniondale, New York
  • New York Islanders in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • New York Islanders in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • New York Islanders in Washington, D.C.
  • New York Islanders in Chicago, Illinois
  • New York Islanders in Denver, Colorado
  • New York Islanders in Dallas, Texas
  • New York Islanders in Saint Paul, Minnesota
  • New York Islanders in Seattle, Washington
  • New York Islanders in Nashville, Tennessee
  • New York Islanders in St. Louis, Missouri
  • New York Islanders in Winnipeg, Manitoba
  • New York Islanders in Anaheim, California
  • New York Islanders in Glendale, Arizona
  • New York Islanders in Calgary, Alberta
  • New York Islanders in Edmonton, Alberta
  • New York Islanders in Los Angeles, California
  • New York Islanders in San Jose, California
  • New York Islanders in Vancouver, British Columbia
  • New York Islanders in Las Vegas, Nevada

Great for Bachelors, Bachelorettes and Large Groups

Are you trying to plan a great New York Islanders bachelor party or New York Islanders bachelorette party? Or are you a group of seven or more? If so, we can help you secure flight, hotel and ticket packages in no time. New York Islanders multi-game packages are available as well, just in case one game isn't enough!

Click here to fill out our questionnaire, and a BookSeats.com agent will personally help you create an unforgettable, custom-tailored New York Islanders party using one of our great group rates.

And don't forget, we're not all about packages. If you're only on the search for New York Islanders tickets, we can arrange you with those as well.