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It may seem hard to believe, but for the better part of almost 20 years, the second-largest city in the U.S didn’t have their own NFL team! Thankfully for Los Angeles NFL fans, the St. Louis Rams packed up and made the move to the City of Angels in 2016. The move wasn’t an unfamiliar one for the organization, as the Rams were actually first based in L.A, playing there from 1946 to 1994. The reason the team opted to move during the mid-1990s was because a new stadium wasn’t going to be built. However, a brief 16 years was all it took for the situation to change. Now that a brand new stadium is slated to open in 2021, the L.A Rams are back. With BookSeats.com, fans can experience two bucket-list items for the price of one by visiting one of the most desirable places in America (Los Angeles) and watching an NFL football game. What else could a football fan want? With the ability to book flights, hotels and tickets all in one place, Bookseats.com removes the headaches involved in trying to juggle all three tasks at once, consolidating them all into one seamless checkout process. Imagine calling up your buddies and letting them know all the planning is already done, allowing the whole group to head to L.A. and catch a game, all with one checkout! At Bookseats.com, we’ve not only imagined it - we’ve made it a reality.

Los Angeles Rams FAQ

What Stadium do the Los Angeles Rams Play in?

The Rams will make their 2020 season debut at SoFi Stadium. The stadium was supposed to be ready for 2019, however mother nature disagreed, creating construction delays and pushing back opening day by a year. And the new state-of-art facility will not only be home to both the L.A. Rams, but the L.A. Chargers as well! This is a true rarity in professional sports, having teams playing the same professional sport and sharing the same home venue. Take advantage of it! Why come to town and only see one team when you can see two! Finance company SoFi secured naming rights for the next 20 years, at an annual expense of $30 million. A few stadium standouts include the fact that the entire roof will be constructed of glass, the walls will be able to open for improved airflow, there will be top-of-the-line spacing including luxe cabanas, and the stadium will also host SuperBowl LVI and the College Football Championship.

What is the Capacity of SoFi Stadium?

SoFi Stadium can house 70,000 people. It’s only fitting that a city with a population as dense as L.A. would require a venue that holds that many people. For high profile events, the stadium’s capacity is able to grow to 100,000 people, which is quite an insane number of people!

What Can I Do When Visiting Los Angeles?

The real question is: what can’t you do? It’s no secret that L.A has beautiful weather, but Angelinos are also blessed with endless activities to enjoy in the area. If you’re with your friends, there’s no shortage of bars, restaurants, nightlife and other high-energy places to explore. And if you’re with your family, there are tons of sight-seeing, beaches, museums and other cultural attractions to check out as well. Additionally, Los Angeles is home to the most professional sports teams in the world, so while you’re in town for a Rams game it’s also possible to catch some professional baseball, hockey, basketball or even soccer up close and personal. With BookSeats.com, fans get the ultimate win-win experience, taking in an NFL football game in a unbelieve stadium as well and experience everything L.A has to offer. Fans can decide to stay closer to SoFi stadium or in the heart of downtown L.A - just remember to account for that infamous traffic when it’s time to get from your hotel to the game!

What Team is the Rams Number One Rival?

The L.A. Rams’ rival is none other than their California counterpart, the San Francisco 49ers. It all started in 1950, and the rivalry hasn’t slowed much since. The rivalry is built off the cultural distaste amongst Northern Californians (usually 49ers fans) and southern californians (Rams fans). How do you know the rivalry was intense? It continued to exist even after the Rams left California for 16 years. Now that the Rams are back, you can look forward to a renewed intrastate rivalry to emerge once again.

Los Angeles Rams Travel Package Information

BookSeats.com has ticket and Los Angeles Rams travel packages to watch them at home or on the road in any destination they’re in during the year. Traveling to watch Los Angeles Rams has never been simpler and more affordable. Scan through the Los Angeles Rams schedule, find the particular event you are looking for and begin to build your ideal Los Angeles Rams travel package. We’re able to provide Los Angeles Rams hotel accommodations, flights and tickets packages (or any custom combination of the 3) to any game.

Travelling alone, with a friend, or in a group, you’re able to customize your Los Angeles Rams trip with hotels neighboring to the stadium or in the city center, airfare from across the world and tickets to the Los Angeles Rams event even if its sold out! We work with thousands of flights and hotel partners to insure you get the best rates for your custom flight, hotel and Los Angeles Rams ticket package.

Watch Los Angeles Rams away games in a city you’ve always wanted to visit. Customize travel packages around the game and appreciate the best of both worlds. Hotel accommodations, flights and event tickets packaged under one roof to help you organize your perfect Los Angeles Rams travel trip!

Custom sports travel packages for fans of any team. Witness Los Angeles Rams perform out of their home stadium or follow them on the road! Tickets packaged with travel allow us to bundle your cart (hotel, flights and tickets) and save you both time and money.

Coordinating a Los Angeles Rams sports trip with your best friends and creating deep-rooted memories has never been more straight forward. Support Los Angeles Rams at any venue with the ability to see all nearby hotels. BookSeats.com shows fans the exact distance of all hotels in comparison to the stadium and shows Uber rates so you and your friends can account for all aspects of your Los Angeles Rams custom sports trip.

Not only can you go see Los Angeles Rams in the subsequent cities. But extend your trip to enjoy the great cuisine, culture and history of the city.

  • Los Angeles Rams in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Los Angeles Rams in Landover, Maryland
  • Los Angeles Rams in Chicago, Illinois
  • Los Angeles Rams in Detroit, Michigan
  • Los Angeles Rams in Green Bay, Wisconsin
  • Los Angeles Rams in Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Los Angeles Rams in Atlanta, Georgia
  • Los Angeles Rams in Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Los Angeles Rams in New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Los Angeles Rams in Tampa, Florida
  • Los Angeles Rams in Glendale, Arizona
  • Los Angeles Rams in Los Angeles, California
  • Los Angeles Rams in Santa Clara, California
  • Los Angeles Rams in Seattle, Washington
  • Los Angeles Rams in Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Los Angeles Rams in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Los Angeles Rams in Houston, Texas
  • Los Angeles Rams in Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Los Angeles Rams in Jacksonville, Florida
  • Los Angeles Rams in Nashville, Tennessee
  • Los Angeles Rams in Denver, Colorado
  • Los Angeles Rams in Kansas City, Missouri
  • Los Angeles Rams in Carson, California
  • Los Angeles Rams in Oakland, California
  • Los Angeles Rams in Arlington, Texas
  • Los Angeles Rams in East Rutherford, New Jersey

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