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There is plenty to do in Buffalo, but if you’re in town for sports and nothing else, then you won’t come away disappointed. Home of the NFL’s Buffalo Bills, MLS’ Buffalo FC and of course the NHL’s Buffalo Sabres, if you’re a diehard Sabres fan that has never made the trip to see a home game, now is the time to plan a visit. And if you want to do some sightseeing as well while you’re in town, you could do worse! The arena is only 20 miles away from one of North America’s most amazing water attractions in Niagara Falls, and the city also has botanical gardens to explore, great historical landmarks to visit and art galleries galore. However, unless the Sabres make the playoffs, there is a good chance you will have to visit Buffalo during the winter, so keep that in mind as you plan your itinerary. A winter visit means that experiencing the newly revitalized Canalside and RiverWorks areas of the city’s waterfront will have to wait for warmer weather to truly enjoy. But no matter when you visit, Bookseats.com is your partner for getting tickets to any game, streamlining the (sometimes tough) organization process into something quick, easy and enjoyable. Our priority is to make your airfare and hotel accommodations available at the most competitive possible prices, and to allow you the freedom to do what’s most important: have fun at the game! So once you’ve decided to organize the Buffalo Sabres travel package you’ve been dreaming of - whether you’re on your own on vacation, with a small group on a business trip, or even as a part of a Buffalo Sabres-themed bachelor or bachelorette party - Bookseats.com will help you take care of business.

Buffalo Sabres FAQ

What other sports teams play in Buffalo?

Along with the Sabres, Buffalo is also host to the NFL’s Buffalo Bills and the MLS’ Buffalo FC. If you’re in town to see an NHL game, whether you’re a Sabres fan visiting Buffalo or the fan of another team playing an away game in the city, make sure to explore the options. Who knows, maybe you can see three major professional sports all in one weekend!

Where do the Buffalo Sabres play their games?

The Buffalo Sabres play their games at KeyBank Center, a 19,000-seat arena built in 1996 and located in downtown Buffalo. Formerly known as Marine Midland Arena, HSBC Arena and the First Niagara Center, the naming rights were most recently bought by KeyBank in 2016. The rink is just a few miles from the Canadian border, and 20 miles from Niagara Falls.

Who are the rivals of Buffalo Sabres?

Some say that the biggest rivals to the Buffalo Sabres are the Toronto Maple Leafs, most likely because of their close physical proximity to one another. However, from another perspective, the Boston Bruins also rank, having notched over 230 fights in their games against the Sabres over the last 50 years. However, because the Buffalo Sabres have simply not contended in recent years, the somewhat embarrassing answer to the question may very well be “themselves,” or “nobody,” since no team ever really views the Sabres as a threat, and because when the heat is really on (the playoffs), the Sabres are rarely involved. In fact, the Sabres haven’t seen the postseason in eight years, the current NHL record.

Where should I stay when I’m visiting Buffalo?

With only a quarter-million people living there, Buffalo is still the second-largest city in the state of New York. And along with the fact that Buffalo is a major corridor for commerce and travel from Canada and the home of the uber-famous Niagara Falls, there are plenty of options when it comes to accommodations. At Bookseats.com, we always suggest you plan your trip (including your airline tickets, hotel options and game tickets) based on what you’re doing before and after the game. If you’re only going to stay the night, think about booking a hotel near the venue or the airport. Or, if you’re in town with family or friends, make sure to grab some affordable accommodations in the heart of the city or near major attractions so you can enjoy sightseeing and local culture. All you have to do is give us a few details about the nature of your trip as well as the size of the group, and we’ll take it from there.

Are Buffalo Sabres tickets expensive?

If you’re looking to see an NHL-caliber game at a very reasonable price, a Buffalo Sabres game might be the perfect choice for you. Prices at the KeyBank Center are mid to low range, with an average price of $72 per ticket from the venue, and secondary market tickets (re-sold and scalped tickets) going for around $100. This is especially helpful if you’re in town to see your favorite team play on the road when they visit Buffalo.

When did the Buffalo Sabres first join the NHL?

The Buffalo Sabres joined the league in 1970, the same year as the Vancouver Canucks. Unfortunately for both teams, they share the ignominy of being tied as the two teams with the longest Stanley Cup droughts. Neither team has ever won the league’ top prize.

Buffalo Sabres Travel Package Information

BookSeats.com has ticket and Buffalo Sabres travel packages to view them at home or on the road in any destination they’re in throughout the season. Traveling to watch Buffalo Sabres has never been simpler and more cost effective. Search through the Buffalo Sabres schedule, find the particular event you are looking for and begin to build your ideal Buffalo Sabres travel package. We’re able to provide Buffalo Sabres hotel accommodations, flights and tickets packages (or any custom grouping of the 3) to any game.

Travelling alone, with a friend, or in a group, you’re able to customize your Buffalo Sabres trip with hotels neighboring to the stadium or in the city center, airfare from across the world and tickets to the Buffalo Sabres event even if its sold out! We work with tons of flights and hotel partners to assure you get the finest rates for your custom flight, hotel and Buffalo Sabres ticket package.

Watch Buffalo Sabres road games in a city you’ve always strived to visit. Customize travel packages around the game and enjoy the best of both worlds. Hotel accommodations, flights and event tickets packaged in one spot to help you plan your perfect Buffalo Sabres travel trip!

Custom sports travel packages for supporters of any team. Watch Buffalo Sabres perform out of their home stadium or travel with them on the road! Tickets packaged with travel allow us to bundle your cart (hotel, flights and tickets) and save you both time and money.

Planning a Buffalo Sabres sports trip with your closest friends and developing permanent memories has never been more straight forward. Support Buffalo Sabres at any venue with the ability to view all neighbouring hotels. BookSeats.com shows fans the exact distance of all hotels in comparison to the venue and presents Uber rates so you and your friends can assure all pillars of your Buffalo Sabres custom sports trip.

Not only can you go see Buffalo Sabres in the following cities. But extend your trip to enjoy the great food, art and history of the city.

  • Buffalo Sabres in Buffalo, New York
  • Buffalo Sabres in Detroit, Michigan
  • Buffalo Sabres in Sunrise, Florida
  • Buffalo Sabres in Montreal, Quebec
  • Buffalo Sabres in Ottawa, Ontario
  • Buffalo Sabres in Tampa, Florida
  • Buffalo Sabres in Toronto, Ontario
  • Buffalo Sabres in Raleigh, North Carolina
  • Buffalo Sabres in Columbus, Ohio
  • Buffalo Sabres in Newark, New Jersey
  • Buffalo Sabres in New York, New York
  • Buffalo Sabres in Uniondale, New York
  • Buffalo Sabres in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Buffalo Sabres in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Buffalo Sabres in Washington, D.C.
  • Buffalo Sabres in Chicago, Illinois
  • Buffalo Sabres in Denver, Colorado
  • Buffalo Sabres in Dallas, Texas
  • Buffalo Sabres in Saint Paul, Minnesota
  • Buffalo Sabres in Seattle, Washington
  • Buffalo Sabres in Nashville, Tennessee
  • Buffalo Sabres in St. Louis, Missouri
  • Buffalo Sabres in Winnipeg, Manitoba
  • Buffalo Sabres in Anaheim, California
  • Buffalo Sabres in Glendale, Arizona
  • Buffalo Sabres in Calgary, Alberta
  • Buffalo Sabres in Edmonton, Alberta
  • Buffalo Sabres in Los Angeles, California
  • Buffalo Sabres in San Jose, California
  • Buffalo Sabres in Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Buffalo Sabres in Las Vegas, Nevada

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