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Bonnaroo Music Festival Travel Packages

The 4-day festival has cemented itself as one of the world’s top festivals. Since inception in 2002 it has called Mancheser, Tennessee home. The festival takes place on a massive 700-acre farm. The allure of Bonnaroo is the vast array of music genres and artists, offering something for music fans of all sorts. Some notable standouts include being named ‘Festival of the Decade’ and one of the ‘50 Moments that Changed Rock & Roll’ by none other than Rolling Stone. With BookSeats.com, Bonarroo festival attendees can book their custom flights, hotels and Bonnaroo tickets all under one roof, helping replace the feeling of being overwhelmed with planning to excitement!

Bonnaroo Music Festival FAQ

How did Bonnaroo Music Festival get its name?

The festival name is one of the most catchy names amongst all festivals. Not only is the name memorable, but it’s extremely fitting, meaning “a really good time” in Creole dialect, derived from the French meaning of good; “bonne” and “rue” which means street. The direct translation is ‘the best in the streets.’

Who founded Bonnaroo Music Festival?

Bonnaroo was founded by music promoter Ashely Capps who is the head of “AC Entertainment” and “Superfly Productions.” Capps started working in the entertainment industry in the 1970s as a promoter in Knoxville where he organized events for the University of Tennessee. In 1991 he founded AC entertainment and later helped launch Bonnaroo in 2002. Superfly productions is a New York based marketing company founded in 1996 that focused on concert and event promotion. Drawing inspiration from Coachella, they utilized their event and industry knowledge to co-launch Bonnaroo. In its first year, 10,000 tickets were sold on the day sales were announced, 70,000 within a week and the festival sold out within the month. Setting the stage (both figuratively and literally) for the start of one of the world’s most notable annual festivals.

Where should I stay when going to the Bonnaroo Music Festival?

One of the more debated topics amongst Bonnaroo festival attendees is where to stay. The answer ultimately comes down to subjectively. There are essentially 2 main available options; the first is to stay on the festival grounds themselves by camping or RVing. The downsides to this option is: noise, hygiene and personal space while the major upside is the ability to walk (stumble) back to your campsite while on the festival grounds. The second option is to stay in nearby hotels, there are many hotels within a mile and almost all offer transportation to and from the grounds. The downside to hotels is the distance while the upsides are, space, noise, and hygiene. Thanks to BookSeats.com, users can book their Bonnaroo travel package with or without hotels as we completely customize every component!

Bonnaroo Music Festival Travel Package Information

Going to music festivals and shows with friends is one of the best ways to enjoy life. Besides being an incredible way to back your top artists and watch them performing their music live. Going on a Bonnaroo Music Festival road trip can also cement friendships and develop memories that will last a lifetime! Now, with Bookseats.com, organizing Bonnaroo Music Festival travel packages has never been simpler.

With BookSeats.com, you’re able to attend Bonnaroo Music Festival. Just look through our list of dates and ticket-type, pick your preferred, and begin! At Bookseats.com, we offer people a convenient, efficient alternative when organizing Bonnaroo Music Festival travel packages, one that can include any combination of flights, accommodations and tickets.

How Do I Get Started?

Simply click on Bonnaroo Music Festival page, click on the date(s) you’d like to go to, and enter the data that makes the most sense for you. For example, do you need tickets to Bonnaroo Music Festival, but already have a spot to sleep while you're in town? No worries! Or would you rather create a full Bonnaroo Music Festival experience, with accommodations for you and your buddies in the best part of the city, with Bonnaroo Music Festival airfare and tickets to included too? We can handle that!

If it’s a hotel, a flight, or only tickets to Bonnaroo Music Festival , we'll help you create your optimal Bonnaroo Music Festival travel package right away. At Bookseats.com, our goal is to save you exhaustion, frustration and of course, money! Why spend more for a Bonnaroo Music Festival package when you don't have to? Do everything all in one place with Bookseats.com!

Fly In From Anywhere

We provide plans that include the most competitive prices on both international and domestic Bonnaroo Music Festival flights, ones that originate from almost anywhere on the earth.

We also have connections to Bonnaroo Music Festival hotels for groups of all tastes and budgets, with accommodations both close to venues as well as hotels in the heart of the city. If you're worried about timing and transportation to the festival, just pick a place nearer to the festival grounds! And of course, we can always get you tickets, even if that's all you need.

Thanks to our connections with major hotel chains and airlines, we can secure top-tier rates for your personalized Bonnaroo Music Festival hotel, flights and tickets packages.

Or Start By Picking a City

Sometimes the foundation of a great travel package aren't based around a exact festival, but a city instead. If you'd rather explore a specific city on your bucket-list and build a travel package from there, we can do that also.

All you have to do is provide details such as the duration of your stay, and before you know it you'll be witnessing Bonnaroo Music Festival in a brand new city you can explore afterwards. It's a win win! By grouping all the major factors of your bucket list travel package (with hotel, flights and tickets included) we make coordinating easier.

Don't Miss the Nightlife

Of course, music festivals are awesome, but once you and your group have saved the money, marked off the days in your calendar and booked what might be one of the best music festivals ever, it would be a shame to go all that way and not fully check-out the culture, history and night of the city you're visiting. That's why we recommend making the most of your stay, prolonging your stay to catch more than just Bonnaroo Music Festival.

There are always lots of events, bars, restaurants and landmarks to visit when you go out of town, so no matter where you choose to go, we encourage you to check-out as much as you can while you're visiting! Of course, the hotel room and hotel amenities might be awesome, but you can sleep on the trip home! Now it's time to use Bonnaroo Music Festival city's public transportation tools (or your personal method like a lyft) to see all the sights a tourist may not see if they didn't venture off the beaten path.

And if your Bonnaroo Music Festival packages are celebrating more than just music, friendship and a new place? Bookseats.com has you taken care of. If you're adding in a Bonnaroo Music Festival bachelor party or Bonnaroo Music Festival bachelorette party to the equation, Bookseats.com can get you a great deal on ANY kind of Bonnaroo Music Festival trip. These events are known for being hard to organize, so we’re here to help with the booking.

If you’re a group of 8 or more, fill out our easy questionnaire here and a Bookseats.com rep will contact you within 24 hours to get you a customized Bonnaroo Music Festival travel package group price. Once you book your Bonnaroo Music Festival package, you'll be able to sleep easily knowing that all the logistics have been taken care of. That's the plus of Bookseats.com - we help you book it all, from hotels to flights to Bonnaroo Music Festival tickets, so that you can focus on what's important: having an experience of a decade!

For music festivals of any genre and groups of any size, trust Bookseats.com to secure the perfect trip. Call us today!